The L9 Connector also called 1.6/5.6 connector series is a miniature European design that permits dense connector packing, making them ideal solutions for applications where space limitation is a factor.
The Amphenol 1.6/5.6 series performs at 75 Ω up to 1 GHz. The 1.6/5.6 connectors have two coupling versions: threaded and push-pull. The threaded coupling version provides positive, familiar mating, while the push-pull coupling version allows quick installation.
This series complies with DIN 47295, DIN 41626, DIN 47297, NFC 93-569, NFC 93-570, IEC 169-13, and the CECC 22230 standards.
Meets IEC 169-13, DIN 47295 and NFC 93-570 international specifications designed for SMT
Plugs and bulkhead jacks available in crimp-crimp termination versions to insure high reliability in connector assembly and a lower cost installation method
Threaded coupling designed for quick connect/disconnect allows safe coupling.

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